Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 1/2

it's about time he lost his first tooth!

he wouldn't let me pull it out even though i told him that it doesn't really hurt. but i convinced him to open his mouth. and i said, "does this hurt?" as i lightly pulled on the tooth. "no," he said. so i pulled a little harder and it popped right out. i didn't tell him. he just kept talking and finally said, "HEY!!" and i showed him the tooth in my hands, "told ya it wouldn't hurt," i said. he grabbed the tooth and ran to his room where he promptly deposited the tooth under his pillow.

a few hours later, he came to me, a indecisive little wrinkle on his face. "my smile is different, mom" he said. i replied, "yeah, you look so grown up now! and so handsome!" his questioning glare melted and in a typical sean manner he ran off while saying, "i know!"