Monday, February 28, 2011

Phrases I Wish I had on Speed-Voice

* Homework, now!

* Do you need to pee?

* Go wash your hands.

* Well, clean it up.

* No.

* Mason, calm down!

* Guys, is that indoor behavior? Take it outside.

* Do I need to take video games away again?

* Did you flush?

Am I missing any?

Monday's Crusties #2

i know i'm going to get a lot of flack on this one, but hear me out.

you know you've seen this woman. everyone has.

most of you love her for your own reasons. but personally i loathe her and all her friends and followers.

Costco is very dear to me. i remember the days when you could roam the isles with all of the "wholesalers." the isles were wide, tall, and free of congestion.

buying in bulk isn't always a good idea. and sometimes i see something and think, "oooo that looks good, but i wish i could try it before i buy a 100 of them...." hence the idea behind the free samples. admittedly a good one. and i remember when i was like, "oooo free sample, cool!" and "oooo, i actually wanted to try that!"

however, Costco here in San Francisco is a crazy cesspool of cheapskate hungry vultures lacking manners and morals. when a tired mother of 3 boys heads into Costco to load up on food, the last thing she wants to dodge are the people who are just there for the free samples. maneuvering a full cart while herding three kids is difficult enough without these people crowding the isles. they don't care who they block or cut off, it's all about them and their sample, nothing else exists, just themselves and the food. sometimes, even those waiting in front of them don't exist, they cut in line or just grab what is "theirs."

seriously irritating.

now for some coping mechanisms (since my blog post wont magically make all this nonsense go away)....

1. go to Costco when it's less crowded.
2. ask your local Costco if there's a time when they DON'T have samples out.
3. ask your local Costco if there's a time and day when they are not so busy.
4. weld spikes into your shopping cart
5. go "elaine benes" on them and yell, "trying to shop here! move aside!"

any other suggestions would be welcome ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 1/2

it's about time he lost his first tooth!

he wouldn't let me pull it out even though i told him that it doesn't really hurt. but i convinced him to open his mouth. and i said, "does this hurt?" as i lightly pulled on the tooth. "no," he said. so i pulled a little harder and it popped right out. i didn't tell him. he just kept talking and finally said, "HEY!!" and i showed him the tooth in my hands, "told ya it wouldn't hurt," i said. he grabbed the tooth and ran to his room where he promptly deposited the tooth under his pillow.

a few hours later, he came to me, a indecisive little wrinkle on his face. "my smile is different, mom" he said. i replied, "yeah, you look so grown up now! and so handsome!" his questioning glare melted and in a typical sean manner he ran off while saying, "i know!"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites Closet #3

i'm diligently trying to keep my Friday Favorites posts away from food. i love food so much, i'm sure that a few will creep in, but for now i'm going to go with non-food favorites.

one of my favorite things lately stems from our new home. we have two showers. the kids have theirs and we actually have a master bathroom! it's as small as a closet, but hey, it's mine. unfortunately i hate it. but, i LOVE the kids' shower.

i'm talking, i love the fact that it's NOT low flow. i steal an extra few minutes every morning just standing in it's warmth, not wanting to leave the embrace of it's inviting privacy and steam. i love showers! and i love all the smells that come with it, whether it's a new shampoo or body soap, or the smell of the grapefruit face scrub.

and i hate getting out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Crusties #1

to balance out the Friday Favorites, i decided i would try Crusty Mondays. a place to vent about my peeves and complaints. so crusty monday #1 is all about, view-cutters.

view-cutters is a name i have given to the people that cut right in front of you and stand right where you were looking. this mostly happens in the store. you're standing there reading the signs and labels, trying to decide what you want exactly, and someone comes and stands right in front of you. this drives me NUTS. i seriously have been tempted to say, "um, you know you just blocked my view, that's rude, in case you didn't know."

at first i thought, "maybe it's cultural?" when i lived in Japan, i used my toe to point to an item on a bottom shelf once. the clerk kicked me out of the store. i guess it was rude and i had NO idea. but i dont think that "view-cutting" is cultural, because all kinds of people have done this to me.

and i'm not sure why it bothers me so much. i just think, "i know you noticed that i was standing here looking, but you just didn't care, what you needed to see was more important."

the thing is, sometimes i wish i could be more like elaine benes (for any and all Seinfeld fans out there). she would never let anything that bugged her slip through her fingers. i guess i would call her the antithesis of a "doormat."

so to conclude, if you were elaine benes, what would you do about "view-cutters?"

Friday, February 18, 2011

lovin' my boys on their turf

as much as i'll admit that i really don't like hanging out at the kids' school, the smiles on their faces are priceless when i enter their school territory. it's like entering another world to me. this is a second home for my children, thus they love having me there. for now.

cooper in line for goodies at the valentines day party

sean with his teacher

they are such good boys. the never make problems for their teachers. i wonder sometimes why i was blessed with such good-natured children. then again..... this one is about to start kindergarten in the fall and i may be in for a rude awakening!!

Friday Favorites Closet #2

i don't claim to be green and to those that care, my most sincerest apologies ;) but i despise the rags that hold onto smells even AFTER you wash them. i realize that there are jobs that my beloved wipes cannot tackle. but i love them nonetheless.

here is my ode to disposable wipes,

i love that you wipe up AND disinfect with one swipe, this makes for a happy mommy.

i love that i can toss you in the trash and not have to worry about washing you right away to prevent smelling.

i love that i can buy you at my favorite place on earth, Costco. and you seem to last 6 months or so.

i love that i can keep you anywhere, under every sink in the house, in the car, above the washing machine, ready to freshen up my day with your bleachy smell.

on a side note, i bought the Kirkland Signature brand once.... NEVER again, they left a sudsy film on everything... YIKES!

YAY for Clorox wipes, hopefully you'll be in my life for a long time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites Closet #1

my first "favorites Friday" post. for lack of anything else to blog about (my life is pretty boring these days) i thought i'd piggyback other bloggers and try it out. here we go!

my favorite thing this week is.....

crisp, clean, preferably ironed, high thread count (600+) sheets

since my crummy week last week and subsequently contracting a cold, i've spent lots of time in my bed, developing a deeper appreciation for my sheets.

i really don't know if there's any quite like the feeling of emerging from a hot bath, all clean and fresh, and sliding between clean cool sheets.

i love it. 'nuf said ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's the little things that make a difference

like finished homework (which mom sprouted another gray hair nagging them to get it done)

or homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream (which mom gains 10 pounds just by thinking about eating some)

like warm "fresh from the dryer" laundry to cuddle under while watching a movie (which mom will have to fold later tonight)

trying to be positive isn't always easy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the little story

Disclaimer: I wrote this mostly for me, to remember the events. It's a little TMI in places and quite boring in others. it's not a work of non-fiction, just my recollections of the past week.

i found out i was pregnant about a week and a half before Christmas. i wrapped up the pregnancy test and stuck it under the Christmas tree for Nick to open on Christmas morning. and that's where my little story begins....

in the following weeks as i began to plan. i got excited, but stayed apprehensive, it was still quite early and my symptoms were very mild. i started to worry that i didn't feel sick at all, and right about that time, BAM the sickness hit me something fierce. it gave me a little peace, but wore off after about a week, i started feeling normal again.

my first appointment with the doctor was at my 11 week point. she couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler (happened with all three boys, so i wasn't worried), i told her of my lack of symptoms and she scheduled me for an ultrasound at another hospital. i went and picked up the boys from school and drove down to the hospital. i left them in the waiting room and when into the ultrasound room. I was HIGHLY uncomfortable because i had to keep my super-full bladder! the ultrasound tech was super nice and chatty. she began the ultrasound by doing all the measuring of the ovaries and lame stuff, i just wanted to see the baby, but every time i saw the baby flash on the screen she wouldn't leave it there. she said she needed to switch to vaginal ultrasound and let me pee (relief!). when i came back in, she'd turned the monitor so i couldn't see and wasn't talking to me at all. i knew something wasn't right as she was punching buttons like crazy. the tears almost started when she left the room to the the radiologist to go over my results. i was freaking out! you have these conversations in your head like, "maybe they just do things differently here" or "maybe it's twins!" but really, it just didn't seem good :( the radiologist came in and one look at her face told me that my baby was dead. she was really nice and gentle, but i was all business, "what do i do now?" since it was Friday at 4:30pm my doctor was gone for the day so she'd gone ahead and made an appointment with one of her partners. i said, "forget it, what's the point?" and told her to cancel the appointment, mostly because i wasn't excited about seeing this particular doctor she'd scheduled me with, i've heard horror stories about her.

so i held my composure checking out. i held it as the kids shot questions at me, "did you see the baby?" "did you get a picture?" "can we see?" i kept it together as i left the hospital and trudged to the car. i phoned my doctors office because i knew once i got home, they'd be closed, to schedule a monday appt. the scheduler was rude and i wanted to reach through the phone and SMACK her. if the kids hadn't been in the car, i would have yelled, "you COULD be a little nicer to me, i just found out that my baby is dead!" i didn't realize that i was upset until i felt hot tears rolling out from under my sunglasses. thank heavens for sunglasses!

i dont know how i made it home, but i did. we walked in the front door. "you can do whatever you want, but dont play outside" i told the kids and went in my room and shut the door. i texted a few people that i had told and let them know. i then let the tears come and i had myself a good cry. i'm not the kind of woman that feels a connection to her fetus in a mommy/baby sort of way. i can describe my main emotion as dissapointed, sad and very dissapointed.

Nick called on his way home from school and offered to pick up dinner, YES PLEASE!

waiting the weekend was difficult. every little pain and twinge sent me to the bathroom to check for blood. i kept waiting for it to happen. there was a sort of catharsis in a way. what i was dealing with was minor on so many levels. i have friends and family members going through trials way beyond mine. i was actually growing thankful for the constants in my life. my healthy family, a loving supportive husband, and a firm testimony of God. if any of those things were to be threatened or disappear, then, i may have an excuse to feel sorry for myself.

monday came and Nick came with me to the doctors. she wanted to do a d&c the next day in the office by giving me valium, vicoden and lidocaine. oh man, i really wanted to be knocked out! so i pushed for general anesthesia and they complied, i was scheduled for monday evening between 4 and 7 pm. but she wanted to put lamanaria (some seaweed) on my cervix to begin the dilation process. so once again i was droppin my drawers... i had no idea she was giving me a shot of lidocaine "down there" until i started FREAKING out. my whole body when shakey and numb and i felt like i was floating and going to pass out. i started balling my eyes out (not because i was sad, but because i was scared) it was the weirdest reaction EVER and it confirmed the decision i'd made to NOT get the lidocaine again the next day for the actual d&c.

i went home and waited. my mom came to help with the boys and the hospital called at 4:30 and asked me to head over.

i was starving. since i couldn't eat for the entire day and my body was still technically pregnant, it was awful! every time the nurses or staff would ask if i needed anything, i'd ask for a sandwich and they would just laugh.

they let Nick stay with me since it was really slow. we talked a lot and Nick said, "the is the first date we've been on in a long time." and it was nice, just laying there for hours, chatting, with some occasional studying on Nick's part, and reading on mine.

the hospital staff was so sweet and attentive. seriously, they were awesome! my doctor was busy delivering babies and was a little "put-out" by my demanding general anethesia. when she finally got to me in the OR, her first words were "now WHY are we doing this in the OR and not in the office?" well, it was nearly 11pm and she was exhausted. there were so many people that were waiting around the hospital JUST for me. i felt horrible for being so demanding, but i just couldn't imagine doing it in the office with the lidocaine and the sucking sounds of the machine.... to give my doctor a little more credit, she was very nice after the procedure and said, she'd remember my story from my appointment on friday and was very chatty.

the procedure itself wasn't that bad, they had to wake me up early because i was bleeding too much. (when you are under general anethesia, the uterus relaxes making it more difficult for them to stop the bleeding, if i'm awake the uterus hardens and contracts) so, i woke up to the doctor massaging my uterus like a meat tenderizer. then she called for some medicine from l&d that helps the uterus to contract. it's administered rectally and seriously, THAT was the worst part, my bum was sore for a few days.

post-op was fine. i was so happy to adorn my happy pants and hoody. we stopped at jack-in-the-box and i got an oreo milkshake :)

i didn't sleep well that night however. i was exhausted, but i could still feel the drugs in my system. my limbs felt different, my head cloudy. it was almost as if i didn't want to go to sleep because i wasn't sure i would wake up. weird, i know. luckily my mom stayed and took the boys to school in the morning. over the next few days, i'm trying to take it easy. when i do too much, i feel it! so i think i'm gonna give it another few days before i hop back on the treadmill and resume my kitchen duties.

it hasn't even been a week, and yet i'm grateful for this experience. it's refocused my thoughts on the things that matter most. i have a greater appreciation for my children, my friends and family and especially my husband.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

random saturday morning allergy thoughts

having a tough kid isn't always a good thing.

Mason will fall down and get all bloody, but he doesn't care, he jumps back up and continues with what he was doing. i sometimes wonder if the kid feels pain at all. of course he does, but still!?!

so yesterday, Mason ate a mango/coconut smooze!

a few minutes later, i notice a red rash on his cheek and neck. all we could find in the house was Clariton and Nick gave him some of that. the rash continued to spread and we picked up some benadryl at the store. the rash went away and Mason fell asleep early, so we put him in his bed.

later that night while i was trying to sleep, Mason was coughing up a storm (from a lingering cold). i went in to give him some cough medicine and he said, "mom, i threw up in my sleep." he'd barfed and didn't really care, so he just went back to sleep.

after changing his sheets, his clothes and giving him some cough medicine, i thought, in the last 8 hours, that kid has had more drugs then he's had in the past year. poor thing.

so now i have to figure out if he's allergic to coconut or mangoes, the only 2 ingredients in what he ate. and, if it's coconut, that will open up a whole other world of nuts and things he could possibly be allergic to. ARGH, i really thought i'd lucked out in the allergy department.

so, back to my original thought. if this had been Cooper, i would have heard about every minor detail, several times over. it would have gone something like this, "mom, i'm all itchy" "mom, my face is red, LOOK!!" "mom, something is weird with my face!" "mom, look at these bumps!" and later, it would have been, "mom, i threw up in my bed" and "mom, i cant stop coughing" etc .... etc... etc....

it amazes me that kids raised by the same parents can be such polar opposites.

and sometimes i wish that Cooper would complain a little less and Mason a little bit more.