Tuesday, January 18, 2011

warm in January?

I'm pretty sure that after a year of living here.... my posts will veer from the typical beach posts and "I love the climate" etc etc. I just cant get over how different it is from Utah. I'm amazed that on a Saturday in January, I look outside to see that it's 70 degrees and sunny!! So we head to the tide pools for the boys to expel some energy and curiosity.

Life has settled into a daily grind and my motivation at creative blogging is at a complete standstill.

I did read a new book this week, VERY good and highly recommended!! It was called Sapphique and it was the sequel to Incarceron. Only pick these up if you enjoy the genre containing The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner series.

Life at the Gibbons' home is pretty uneventful.

I promise that I'll try to get more creative with blogging!!!


Jamilla said...

My last post didn't make sense. So I deleted it. (in case you were curious)
I am so jealous of the weather. I am just about ready to jump ship and move to Cali myself. I am SERIOUSLY sick of winter. Maybe some day...
Oh well- enjoy it for me too.

I am going to try these books too, thanks for the recommend.

RHS said...

You were obviously stuck in Utah for far too long if you forgot how awesome California winters can be. Sorry but I loathe Utah winters.