Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuffed Stuff

how do I hate thee? let me count the ways....

#1 really, you're just glorified pillows
#2 you collect dust, germs, mites and drool
#3 you're not really washable
#4 you seem to multiply, like in the horror film, Gremlins
#5 you're impossible to sneak into the donation pile because random attachments keep you stapled to my child's affections

i think that's enough reasons why i loathe stuffed animals. but it doesn't change the fact the boys insist that stuffed things have feelings and even tell me that "my teacher at school said so!!" and for those of you who don't know, the teacher trumps mom and dad. ::evil eye to the teacher that told my kid that their stuffed animals had feelings::

i mean really.... would you walk into this living room and think, "wow, this room feels healthy, fresh and full of fung shei." i didn't think so. all i see is a haven for spiders and a cave of beady little eyes saying, "donate me!"

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT my house, nor in the house of anyone I know. It's some random photo that I found online when I googled "stuffed animals, hoarders"


Jade said...

I am so right there with you. You know you can't even donate stuffed animals anymore because they carry germs. I take every opportunity I can to sneak stuffed stuff into my garbage at every opportunity.

Parkin Family said...

I am glad you put the disclaimer up...I was worried for a second. I found I could always get rid of a few when I cleaned out toys by saying you can only keep 10 so pick which ones you want....So scary how fast they pile up.