Monday, December 27, 2010

and December is coming to a close....

I can hardly believe that 2010 is coming to a close. It seems the older I get, not only am I sprouting jowls, gray hair and raisin wrinkles, but time is speeding up!

The week preceding Christmas wasn't going so well for me. Issues with bank, getting a speeding ticket for doing 8 over (stupid cop) and trying to find my typical holiday purchases in a new city proved a difficult few days for me. However, somehow I survived.

On a more positive note. We got to see the full lunar eclipse, a first for Cooper who stayed up to watch.

We also got to spend Christmas with my family from my mom's side, something we haven't been able to do in years. It was wonderful to see everyone again, to catch up and celebrate Christmas.

Cooper performed "The First Noel" and "White Christmas" at his piano recital on Christmas Adam. He did very well and continues to surprise us with his talent.

On Christmas Eve, my brother Dan and his family came up and we had a nice Prime Rib dinner. My mom was here as well and it was nice to just kick it with family. The six boy cousins together gets a little crazy, but they sure do have fun!

Christmas day was enjoyed by all. It was stormy and rainy. We were very lazy and I sat back in contentment as the living room exploded. The house still isn't back to normal, but I think everyone understands how that goes!

We feel very blessed at the closing of this year. So much has gone down and we must give credit to our Heavenly Father. His hand is ever-apparent in our lives and we hope to fill the coming year with more consecrated lives, more thoughts of others and more thankfulness.


Jamilla said...

Good job to Cooper on the piano! I love that you described it as the living room exploding, that is exactly what happens. I love it! We sure miss you!

Julie J. said...

That eclipse picture is awesome!