Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can I do November like this?

November is wearing a mask of early summer and bringing an unusual warmth. The kitchen floor is sticky with canning residue and I'm glad to say that I'm done with the apples!!!

"I looked out the window and what did I see? No more apples staring at me!"

I did applesauce, pie filling (apple and apple cranberry), apple butter, and fruit leather. Hopefully, by this time next year the stock will need replenishing because I'll have another slew of apples again.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving! Canning the leftover turkey meat and turkey barley soup that I make from the carcass has become a tradition.

I love canning. Originally, my desire to learn food preservation stemmed from a drive to be prepared. I want to know how to cook and preserve from the barest of essentials, in case there is ever a time of emergency. Not only am I trying to gather all the knowledge I can, but I see the accumulation of supplies as an emergency preparedness investment.

Whatever, I'm done justifying this last week! Kids are on half days this week because of Parent/Teacher conferences. Next week, they're out ALL WEEK! heaven help me? How am I supposed to sew the boys' Christmas quilts with them home all day?

I'm definitely ready to welcome in the Christmas season. Although, I believe I will miss the white Christmases of Utah.


Parkin Family said...

How do you find the time? It looks so good!

Julie J. said...

I like to can too!