Friday, October 22, 2010

snails and puppy dog tails?

in a sea of boys, i sometimes wonder what my life has become. the pitter patter of little feet has gradually escalated to the rumble and crashing of three rapidly growing boys. ours lives are engulfed with scouts, video games, wrestling matches... as us, as parents, try to trickle in scripture study, family home evening and meaningful family time. sometimes it feels like the quiet messages we try to teach them, don't penetrate. sometimes the messages seem to get lost in fidgety, noisy, dirty boy-isms.

then, they surprise us, with a maturity well beyond their years and we cant help but smile and cherish the moment because you blink and it's gone.

while bored at home, the boys invent games complete with maps of where the enemies lie in wait and homemade paper shotguns. watching their minds work in such a tangible way makes me happy. memories are being made and young men of character are being formed.

and now Cooper cries next to me because some kid hurt his feelings at scouts, i cave in and let him play my scribblenauts game. it breaks my heart to see them hurting. they haven't figured it out yet, but that's when mom is weak, she'll actually give in when they've been hurt. they act so tough, like they're already grown men. then the smallest thing will pierce the fierce exterior and expose the child.

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Parkin Family said...

They are so cute! And so big! Loved the scout pics.