Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the Life and Times of The Gibbons: Introduction

I've decided that since this blog has in some form become a historical record that I would start posting memories from before the blogging all began. Has anyone ever said, "now when did that happen, I can't remember" and then you logged on to your blog to find out the answer? Well I've done it several times.

Like everyone else, I have a plethora of memories that I don't want to forget. They come to me at the most random of times and I find myself saying, "I'd almost forgotten about that." So in remedy, I thought it fitting to do memory posts.

Since this endeavor is more for our history and in order to keep them in the correct chronological order, I will add them as a link to the side bar and post them with the most correct date that I can.

So here we go! We'll see what comes to my brain first :)

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Jade said...

good idea! I might have to copy this.