Thursday, October 14, 2010

another "I love where I live and I'm a stay home mom" post

we invested in a boogie board for the boys and took them out yesterday to teach them.

Cooper loved it. he was hesitant after the first mouthful of salt water. but he bucked up and went back.

Mason was in heaven. the first wave took him, tumbled him over, (he's in there somewhere) but that didn't stop him, he just went back in for more....

the entire time, Sean is begging to try, and i'm dreading it. i know my child. i know he hates his face being wet. he may spout bravery and love for sharks and the ocean at all times, but in reality, this 2nd child of mine is the kind to just sit back and observe ... i always loose sight of him, turning around in a panic. he walks to the beat of his own drum. we eventually give in and let him have a turn. look at that face, you think he liked it? um. no.

and i'm thinking about taking them again today after school. but i have so much to do; birthday plans, government paperwork, apples to can, errands to Costco and the grocery store ... followed by so much i want to do; read my book, play Super Scribblenauts, take a nap because i stayed up too late and there's a nice fluffy comforter on my bed that i insist is calling for me. by the way, the house is a mess. oh, and by the way, i'm feeling lazy which is why i'm blogging instead of getting things done.

i began the day with a mountain dew, but it didn't help.

and this is sitting here bothering me because she wants me to go back to bed and be her heater.


Parkin Family said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

flip flop mama said...

Great shots! Looks like so much fun!