Thursday, September 30, 2010

why do they call it butter?

i've heard it's praises. i remember it being on the counter here and there as a child. i have two apple trees, so i thought i'd make some. honestly don't remember what the stuff tastes like, if it's even good or not.

i found a recipe in one of my books and set to work.

first by picking apples and washing them.

boiling them,

grinding the apples to a pulp,

adding sugar and spices,

no butter, no dairy of any kind?

cooking and canning

well, now i can say i've made it. as for the taste? it tastes like fall. makes me want to wear hoodies, sip hot chocolate, go for a walk to crunch on leaves and sit by the fire while being thankful.

and i'm sure there'll be more apple posts to come since i barely made a dent in the tree. and i just love my 50mm lens :)


flip flop mama said...

mmmmm, apple butter.

Can you please live closer to me? I would like to have more of your yummy treats to eat instead of just to see. :)

Hanaike House said...

We're coming over! I had no idea you were such a baker, canner, etc. The neighbors must love the smells coming from your house!