Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Be Grateful

Today as I yawn my way through the wee hours of morning I'm comfortable in my new life. The boys are brimming with excitement over their new school, teachers and friends. Mason and I stretch out at home, either sitting by the fire while the fog rolls over the foothills or immersing in letters and numbers whilst the sun shines through the front window. We are content. No matter where my daily errands take me, I see the coast stretching for miles in either direction. I smell the sea air, fresh and clean although sometimes tainted with that seaweedy rotten smell.

Lately my thoughts have turned towards gratitude. I've thought of the small little things that are sprinkled throughout my daily life that I forget to be thankful for. Whether it's the fact that I can splurge with a book having eyes to read and a brain that can comprehend, cuddle with Mason's cold feet in the morning, or open the kitchen cabinets to find plenty of food to feed the family. Does, "I'm thankful for all that I have" cover it? It seems like this simple phrase just doesn't make the cut. I am beginning to understand the concept of the heaven's pouring out blessings upon me that there will be not enough room to receive it.

"Be Grateful" President Hinckley said so simply.

and I'm trying.


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I guess I forgot that living in California could be so poetic.