Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hmm, What HAVE you missed?

Cooper was a plant in his class opera. It was completely written and choreographed by 2nd graders. They did a fabulous job!

We FINALLY got some good weather to break the depression of Winter.

We spent Easter weekend at the rocks.

Cooper gave a piano recital, which Mason slept through half of (thank heaven!)

and last, but definitely NOT least,

**Nick is going to Dental School**

He was accepted to his FAVORITE school out of all his interviews.


this place...

Our roller coaster ride of applying to dental schools is coasting to a stop and our next ride is about to begin! Stay tuned....


Becky said...

AWESOME! Congratulations to Nick and the whole family! San Fransisco! I love that city!

Parkin Family said...

AHHH! Ok first such a cute plant! Second loved your pictures of the Rocks..what song is on your video...and Congratulations to Nick.....does that mean your moving? We must come have a park day before your gone!!!

Emily said...


The song is by John Denver, it's about Woodstock!! lol

And we TOTALLY need to get together! We could picnic in the park anytime, just let me know when.

And yes, we'll be moving later in the summer! woo hoo!

KATE said...

Love the plant! So cool!

I'm so excited for you guys and Dental School. I'm trying really hard not to be sad. I like having you close.... ;)

flip flop mama said...

Congrats about the Dental School!