Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Blues, am I the only one?

i'm not asking for much, just....
a chance to walk outside without doing the hover-shuffle to the car
an opportunity to sport capris and flip flops
a better excuse than sheer laziness to wear my hair up
a daily date with our local star, the sun
a rainbow of colors blooming in my face as i run kids all over town

is it just me or does winter overstay it's welcome in salt lake? and what stays with it are....
nasty dirty unbreathable air
a sweaty toilet that i often mistake for bad aim from my boys
the urge to nap and sleep in to avoid being productive
a mother who teeters on the edge of grouchiness

maybe i am the only one who wishes for the sun
maybe you can take this girl out of California, but you can take the California out of me!


Becky said...

I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!! Grrrr!!!! I want SPRING!!!!

Julie J. said...

You are totally not the only one. Mine started in NOVEMBER! I WANT WARMTH!!!

Jamilla said...

I totally agree! I can't wait for the sun! I hate the winter, staying in doors, all the sickness, the coats, the germs, and did I mention the germs? Bring on the sunshine!!!