Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Vacation-Summer '09

Upon quitting his job at UPS, he had some vacation time to use. Life was crazy with Nick studying for and taking the DAT, applications and job changes. We felt the need for a little respite, so we headed up to Grandma Gibbons' cabin at the spur of the moment. We hung with Grandma and spent a day at Yellowstone. We had a blast! The kids complained because Yellowstone "smells like rotten eggs!" But they had fun playing on the 80 acres. Cooper whittled with his knife, they played "Lord of the Rings" in the brush, waded in the creek and rode 4 wheelers.


Julie J. said...

I love Yellowstone and I love your picture taking skills. And your slideshow making skills. You got skills!

Sandy said...

Take me with you next time.

KATE said...

how fun! Yellowstone is our personal favorite! we go as often as we can!