Sunday, October 4, 2009

conference day #2

once again, we went to the farm for the second day of conference. many friends and family were there. we had fun hanging out, and playing in between sessions.

thoughts on conference:

my favorite talk:
Jeffrey R. Holland! AMAZING talk, my heart was pricked over and over again. Elder Holland has an innate ability to state things bluntly and tactfully. It's not available online yet, but i WILL be listening and reading it again! (I highly recommend going to and listening, it was sunday PM session.)my favorite moment:
probably staying up 'til 5am talking with family. nick has a wonderful family and i appreciate moments to grow closer to them!

what I need to improve upon:
my impressions of this conference can probably be summed up in one word: DILIGENCE
as I strive everyday to be better, as a mom and wife mostly, there is a constant pressing need for me to be a reliable source of strength for my family. especially in a spiritual way. i don't want to be a passive Christian! i want everyone to know that I know He lives! and i will strive to show this more in my everyday interactions with friends, acquaintances and mostly my family.

why i love conference time:
really? do you have to ask? well, I remember thinking as a youngster how awesome it would be to attend general conference in person. to sit at the feet of a living prophet of God and hear his words. i have, since that day, had the opportunity a few times to attend conference, and although it's supercool to be in that HUGE crowd while singing the hymns and to just feel the general oneness that is present, i LOVE to be at home and witness that same sweet sensation fill my living room with the opening hymn, looking into the faces of my little ones as they feel the warmth and love of our prophet and apostles, and allow them to see the tears stream down my cheeks as i raise my hand to sustain our leaders, i mean really, how can you not love truth, goodness, upliftment and peace?


Becky said...

Amen Sister! How can you not love conference. Great posts! I'm glad you're back! Love the lego temples and you're handsome boys!

Julie J. said...

I totally agree. Elder Holland's talk was so POWERFULL! And I've had the same thoughts about being there vs. watching at home. At the RS broadcst we went to my mom's stake center and just before it started I was talking to some friends and found out that wew could be watching at home in our jammies. I said, "What are we doing here?" Then on the hymn where the chior and congregation sang together I sat down after and told my friends I totally had the chills. One of them said,"THAT is why we are here and no at home by our selves in our jammies." I like it both ways.