Saturday, September 26, 2009

OH where OH where has Emily gone?

and I'm back, by popular request! after several emails and a little persuasion, i've decided that blogging may be a slightly better use of my time. you may blame my absence on facebook! i wont try to sum up the past month or so with one post... but one at a time.

yesterday we headed to the farm to help paint the house. since nick has started his new job, every weekend he has the itch to go to the farm, camp or play. since there are very few "nice" weekends left we were able to have some fun yesterday.

i am thoroughly looking forward to autumn. the leaves are changing and bringing on a desire to bake more bread and stir up some soup.

there is not much to tell beyond this. nick is enjoying his new job. we are still waiting to hear from dental schools. cooper is busy with second grade and piano lessons. sean is busy with kindergarten and curiousness. mason hangs out with mom all day and has a plentiful amount of joyous energy. mom is still working from home about 4 hours a day and trying painstakingly to keep up with housework, etc etc.

WARNING: do NOT scroll down if you are an arachnophobe!

we found the first spider while painting the pump house. nick and chaz played with it and tried to feed it to a snake we found earlier. the second is a spider that had a nice web built. i wanted to get a good shot of him with the sunset in the background, but i missed the good light by about 15 minutes.... oh well!