Saturday, August 1, 2009

just a family update....

Nick did not come with us on our long summer trip... he has been studying to take the DAT (to get into dental school) and takes the test this tues (Aug 4th). we are praying that he does well and he's been studying HARD, thus opening the doors for us to get into a dental school somewhere. the boys and i missed him so much while we were on our trip! over 3 weeks without him seemed to take it's toll on all of us!

Cooper starts 2nd grade on mon (Aug 3rd) and is excited to see his classmates again. we are lucky that his class is one-of-a-kind so he will be with the same students as last year.

Sean is starting kindergarten ans is looking forward to being in school. he will be tested for placement this week and start school the week after that.

Mason is a handful. he is full of energy. we try to channel this energy into good and positive things. most of the times with success, other times, when we're not paying attention... not so successful!

Nick is busy with studying and we've spent a LOT of time getting his graduation mess straightened out and even MORE time doing application stuff. with a lot of prayer and fasting we were able to work everything out for his diploma. now that he is getting that, he's applied and interviewed for a new job which he's hoping to start within the next month. he is VERY excited to quit his job at UPS. keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I am busy canning and doing the summer stuff with the kids including wrestling kids in stores and museums, breaking up xbox fights and cleaning up numerous spills and messes. my in-home job is making me go full-time starting on wed (aug 5th). i hope to quit if everything works out with nick's new job. i've also signed up to substitute teach again this coming school year.

there are new pics below and i will be posting Legoland photos soon!


Parkin Family said...

Emily - You are so busy - I don't think I could do all that you are doing! That is great news about Nick! I will for sure send good wishes your way!

KATE said...

busy busy busy!!

lucy said...

I was just going to write the same are a busy lady. Hope things work out with the job.