Thursday, August 13, 2009

random words of anger

so, i've been thinking about speaking "with the tongue of angels." there are several times a day when words of exclamation pop from my lips. so, i've decided to get rid of these unkind words of exclamation and replace them with more positive ones. for example,

while driving:
I used to say, "OH! You RETARD!!"
I will now say, "That was NOT very smart of you!"

when i step on a lego or fallen army guy:
I used to say, "CRAP! I HATE those things!"
I will now say, "That did NOT feel very good! Let's clean these up boys!"

when someone offends me:
I used to say, "What an IDIOT!?"
I will now say, "That person was NOT very nice!"

when i'm at walmart looking at white trash beating on their kid:
I used to say, "REJECT is going to hell!"
I will now say, "That is NOT cool, I will pray for them."

WHY do you ask am I doing this seemingly LAME thing? Well first of all, while driving some months back, a Utah driver made a lame move that upset me. I looked over my right shoulder to call the person a "retard." Cooper who was sitting in my line of fire, welled up with tears and said, "mom! i'm not a retard." Okay, so i had one of those "i-suck-as-a-mom" moments and decided i needed to curb my passion just a little bit better. I dont SWEAR persay, however, what is swearing? the dictionary defines "swear" as " to use profane or obscene language." i think that anything we say in the heat of anger could be considered swearing. 100 years ago, it was words like "blast" and "wretch." Today profanity is much different, and 100 years from now it will be different still, so I am trying an experiment to see if curbing my "random words of anger" into a more positive vociferation will help me to better speak with the "tongue of angels."

i may just be... going crazy?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

just a family update....

Nick did not come with us on our long summer trip... he has been studying to take the DAT (to get into dental school) and takes the test this tues (Aug 4th). we are praying that he does well and he's been studying HARD, thus opening the doors for us to get into a dental school somewhere. the boys and i missed him so much while we were on our trip! over 3 weeks without him seemed to take it's toll on all of us!

Cooper starts 2nd grade on mon (Aug 3rd) and is excited to see his classmates again. we are lucky that his class is one-of-a-kind so he will be with the same students as last year.

Sean is starting kindergarten ans is looking forward to being in school. he will be tested for placement this week and start school the week after that.

Mason is a handful. he is full of energy. we try to channel this energy into good and positive things. most of the times with success, other times, when we're not paying attention... not so successful!

Nick is busy with studying and we've spent a LOT of time getting his graduation mess straightened out and even MORE time doing application stuff. with a lot of prayer and fasting we were able to work everything out for his diploma. now that he is getting that, he's applied and interviewed for a new job which he's hoping to start within the next month. he is VERY excited to quit his job at UPS. keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I am busy canning and doing the summer stuff with the kids including wrestling kids in stores and museums, breaking up xbox fights and cleaning up numerous spills and messes. my in-home job is making me go full-time starting on wed (aug 5th). i hope to quit if everything works out with nick's new job. i've also signed up to substitute teach again this coming school year.

there are new pics below and i will be posting Legoland photos soon!

back to the beach

after leaving lake Powell, we picked up my mom in Vegas and headed back to Oceanside. we stayed and played with Melanie visiting the beach AND legoland (pics to come). pictured below is the infamous house from "Top Gun" (which is for sale, if anyone is interested in moving it to a new location). also we have my three boys who are developing a love for the ocean and were scaring me with how fearless they were. mason would get tumbled by waves and come back up to take a breath, only to get tumbled again. once his head was securely above water, he would laugh and go back for more. cooper and sean as well seemed to not mind the strong ocean waves, thus making this mom very leery! overall it was a fun trip! thanks to mel (who is in the top gun pic if you can spot her along with my boys) and her husband and little girl (also in photos below). mel you are VERY generous to open your home to our rambunctious brood!