Saturday, August 1, 2009

back to the beach

after leaving lake Powell, we picked up my mom in Vegas and headed back to Oceanside. we stayed and played with Melanie visiting the beach AND legoland (pics to come). pictured below is the infamous house from "Top Gun" (which is for sale, if anyone is interested in moving it to a new location). also we have my three boys who are developing a love for the ocean and were scaring me with how fearless they were. mason would get tumbled by waves and come back up to take a breath, only to get tumbled again. once his head was securely above water, he would laugh and go back for more. cooper and sean as well seemed to not mind the strong ocean waves, thus making this mom very leery! overall it was a fun trip! thanks to mel (who is in the top gun pic if you can spot her along with my boys) and her husband and little girl (also in photos below). mel you are VERY generous to open your home to our rambunctious brood!

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