Sunday, June 14, 2009

a day in my life

the day opens with a yawn and yearning
to lay back on the pillow and under the sheets
to finish that dream that was pleasant and sweet

mom needs more sleep and crowbars for her eyelids,
no one told her how much work it was, three kids!

as she stumbles from the bedroom and winces and squeals
an MIA army man finds himself lodged in her heel

mom's shaky legs seem to find the pungent bathroom the same
and her foot finds the puddle left by three boys that cant aim

after she cleans the floor and sits on the pot
the door bursts opens with breakfast requests from tots

she makes it to the kitchen with ease
where sweet sincere Sean has poured himself drink
it's dripping off the table and down the wall
mom swears she's almost there, almost at her brink

breakfast is made and consumed without fiasco,
first round of dishes while kids get dressed,
will they go to the park? is everyone healthy
mom gets ready for the day and hope for the best!

once all dressed, it's time to head out.
to the playground for lunches that are free!
kids play and fight and have to go potty
and sometimes get lost behind a tree

lunch is over and they have to head home
mom starts work while kids watch their favorite show
something about sponges and karate and boogers
mom wonders if they will grow up normal with such a hero

3 o'clock is when mom hits the wall
feed her chocolate, caffeine, sugar, anything at all!

she survives the lull, and it's time to make dinner.
what to make? what needs to be used up?
fight #89 breaks out under the kitchen table.
mom decides on something they'll eat, something with catsup.

during dinner the cat jumps on the table,
the phone rings, the doorbell dings,
cooper wont eat and mason is crying
mom is trying to find affection for her little darlings.

"is it bedtime yet?" mom and dad ask each other!
bath time for boys is never a pretty sight
lots of laundry for mom with all those wet towels!
after flooded bathroom due to water fights

boys are all clean with sparkly white teeth
teeth under pillows and nails all clipped
dad's on his last nerve and grumpiness fills the air
mom sighs about the day, feeling somehow gypped

then, they kneel in a circle to "Thank" the Lord for the day
they thank Him for the morning, for the food to eat
they thank Him for bodies, for arms and voices
they thank Him for flowers and the bird's song so sweet

they thank Him for family, for the love that they have
they thank Him for home with washer and dryer
they thank Him for clean water, for clothes and friends
as they pray, their spirits are lifted higher

a tear leaves mom's eye and drops on her knee
somehow she missed it, the perfectness and beauty

they thank Him for safety for health and for freedom
they thank Him smiles, innocence and fun
they thank him most of all for the sacrifice of His Son

mom smiles through tears as she says her "amen"
aware and conscious of the treasures she has
she hugs, kisses and cuddles them afresh
she realizes that motherhood is the best!


KATE said...

Thanks Em, you have NO idea how much I needed to hear that today! It was beautiful and perfect!

Sandy said...

Your maternal strength is admirable.

Jamilla said...

That was beautiful! I think we all feel the same way. I don't know how you do it everyday with three boys. I have one girl and I am already beginning to fear how I will do it with two kids. Thanks for inspiring me!

Julie J. said...

I love it!! You are the bomb dot com.