Saturday, May 16, 2009

prayers of little boys

Mason at dinner:

Heavy Fodder. thank you for the names. thank that we go nana's house. thank you for (long pause.... prod from mom "the food") the food. (another prod from mom, "please bless") please bless .... (long pause, followed 3rd prod "the food") mom! i already SAID THAT! (prod again, "amen") amen
(not bad for a 3 yr old!)

Sean at bedtime:

dear Heavenly Father. thank you for this day. thank you that cooper can have good dreams. please bless that all cooper's cavities will go away. please bless tomorrow we wont drive mom and dad crazy. amen

I'll AMEN to that one, Sean!

I know I know.... Julie Andrew's bangs...


Becky said...

Ummm....he has super duper long eye lashes! Cute!

Very nice prayers!

Parkin Family said...

Those eye lashes are to die for!!!

Julie J. said...

I came to comment on the lashes too, but since they took care of it for me I'll tell what sweeties they are and how lucky you guys are to have each other. You're a great mom!

KATE said...

Too cute!! I teach Savannah in primary and this week in the opening prayer she asked that the nursery would keep Brookie the whole time. I love kid prayers!

Buffy said...

Gotta love the kid prayers! From his lips to God's ears! Hope that prayer was for sure answered!!! :) BTW...I do love those Julie Andrews bangs! Doesn't everyboday??? :)