Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farm Fanatics

as a mom, i receive many requests

but there are some that are never-ceasing

for example,

Cooper: in the middle of a story problem on a tired Wednesday afternoon, "can i please ride the zingers?"

Mason: whenever and wherever, "can i go see papa?" and "but i love to do dirty jobs!"

Sean: "can we pllllllleease go to the farm and play?"

their minds pretend it's a door to another world and although mason affectionately calls it "bocky house" it's really just an old chicken coop, full, not of chickens, but the secrets of three little boys


they did not expect to have to work. however, papa put the boys to work, "picking rocks." this is to prepare the fields that are laden with big rocks to be planted with the spring crops

Number of boys that went to the farm: 3
Number of bruises, bumps and scrapes: 7
Wishes fulfilled this weekend: countless, not to mention the wishes that they haven't even thought of yet......


major gratitude and hugs to papa for all he does! his hard work and influence on my young boys is a unparalleled blessing!


Coral Gibbons said...

So much fun! I love the farm!!!
Great pics, Emily!

KATE said...

I love the pictures! how amazing that your kids get to be a part of it, not many farmers anymore... it's a lost art.
Seriously love the pictures!