Tuesday, May 12, 2009

clean mouths cost tears

mom is sitting, minding her own business, while boys run around playing with dart guns. sean walks up to mom with a smug expression.

sean: you know what you should NEVER ever do?

mom: what?

sean: you should never shoot cats with dart guns!

mom notices at this same time the cat running away from sean

mom: did you just shoot the cat with the dart gun?

sean: no. (with a slight twitch in his left eye... showing guilt)

mom: are you lying to me?

sean: no. (looking away slightly, showing a little more nervousness)

mom: sean, do you remember the other day when you told me that you get in more trouble for telling lies than you do for telling the truth?

sean: yes. (reluctantly)

mom: sean, did you shoot the cat with the dart gun?

sean: (thinking) um, maybe, i think so?

mom: you realize you told mom a lie?

sean: yes. (looking down)

mom: go tell daddy so you can put some soap in your mouth.....

sorry little buddy, you walked yourself right into that one


Becky said...

Ha! Ahhh! Hard lesssons. Funny too. Hee hee

Jamilla said...

lol, that is great! He will remember that next time. I love it! I can picture the whole thing in my head.

Buffy said...

Poor Sean! ;( Sometimes life is sooo hard! :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful background.

Emily said...

Sandy, thank you for noticing my background, it took me FOREVER to figure out how to do that... so you're compliment is mucho appreciated!

congrats on GRADUATING! you rock!

KATE said...

Okay first I love your background! So adorable! You're amazing! Second, I LOVE that you do soap in the mouth at your house too! Makes me feel better, it's a must have in our home! :)

Parkin Family said...

Love your background!!!!! Looks like you have been so busy and having lots of fun......as for Sean......oh we all have to test those waters don't we! Too Cute!