Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Cooper just finished his plant project.... this was the final one of the year!! wooo hooo! He had to do a total of 4 presentations, this being his final one. mom is happy it's done! can you tell? Now we can enjoy the rest of the school year with nothing hanging over our heads. Does anyone else feel like they're going through school all over again with their kids? I mean, I thought I was done with that era of my life?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

prayers of little boys

Mason at dinner:

Heavy Fodder. thank you for the names. thank that we go nana's house. thank you for (long pause.... prod from mom "the food") the food. (another prod from mom, "please bless") please bless .... (long pause, followed 3rd prod "the food") mom! i already SAID THAT! (prod again, "amen") amen
(not bad for a 3 yr old!)

Sean at bedtime:

dear Heavenly Father. thank you for this day. thank you that cooper can have good dreams. please bless that all cooper's cavities will go away. please bless tomorrow we wont drive mom and dad crazy. amen

I'll AMEN to that one, Sean!

I know I know.... Julie Andrew's bangs...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

clean mouths cost tears

mom is sitting, minding her own business, while boys run around playing with dart guns. sean walks up to mom with a smug expression.

sean: you know what you should NEVER ever do?

mom: what?

sean: you should never shoot cats with dart guns!

mom notices at this same time the cat running away from sean

mom: did you just shoot the cat with the dart gun?

sean: no. (with a slight twitch in his left eye... showing guilt)

mom: are you lying to me?

sean: no. (looking away slightly, showing a little more nervousness)

mom: sean, do you remember the other day when you told me that you get in more trouble for telling lies than you do for telling the truth?

sean: yes. (reluctantly)

mom: sean, did you shoot the cat with the dart gun?

sean: (thinking) um, maybe, i think so?

mom: you realize you told mom a lie?

sean: yes. (looking down)

mom: go tell daddy so you can put some soap in your mouth.....

sorry little buddy, you walked yourself right into that one

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farm Fanatics

as a mom, i receive many requests

but there are some that are never-ceasing

for example,

Cooper: in the middle of a story problem on a tired Wednesday afternoon, "can i please ride the zingers?"

Mason: whenever and wherever, "can i go see papa?" and "but i love to do dirty jobs!"

Sean: "can we pllllllleease go to the farm and play?"

their minds pretend it's a door to another world and although mason affectionately calls it "bocky house" it's really just an old chicken coop, full, not of chickens, but the secrets of three little boys


they did not expect to have to work. however, papa put the boys to work, "picking rocks." this is to prepare the fields that are laden with big rocks to be planted with the spring crops

Number of boys that went to the farm: 3
Number of bruises, bumps and scrapes: 7
Wishes fulfilled this weekend: countless, not to mention the wishes that they haven't even thought of yet......


major gratitude and hugs to papa for all he does! his hard work and influence on my young boys is a unparalleled blessing!