Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break 09

the nostalgia was refreshing, sifting through memories and smiles.

as little toes get sandy and peels of happiness and contentment flood my ears.

plunging my own childhood into the sand, stress and chaos were taken out to sea.

old stories containing friends, colleagues and loved ones return to my mind with every incoming wave.

it's difficult to put into words how much fun we had. the boys never wanted to leave the beach and were always begging to go back.

thanks to melanie and her family for putting us up... or is it putting up with us? well either way THANK YOU!

sorry to coral for making her suffer through all my old haunts! and for letting me drag her to cost plus, trader joes and even making her try some seriously spicy food!


Becky said...

Oh woman!!! It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL trip! How fun! I LOVE the slide show. So many great shots! I really liked them all...but my favorites were: The boy peeing into the ocean with his tooshie hangin out. AND The girl jumping on the beach...so cute and cool!

flip flop mama said...

Glad you had a good trip! It's a bummer we couldn't get together!

Julie J. said...

You take great photos. Looks like an awesome trip!