Sunday, March 8, 2009

my birthday

today was my third birthday. i love cookies, so mom and dad threw me a cookie party. i got some really cool presents like bakugan and a army helicopter and a sword! oh man, it was so exciting...

my brothers and i had lots of fun playing with cousins. and with toys.

this is cooper's face when he plays video games.

lots of people came and had fun with us. even jill and garrett and dylan drove up. they are fun to play with. mommy, jill and aunt coral played settlers of catan (barbarian attack!)

i have staples in my head because i fell out of my brother's bunk bed yesterday. everytime they get bumped, i get kinda mad.

overall i had a great birthday.
i love cookies
rumm rumm rumm (sound of cookie monster eating lots of cookies)


Jamilla said...

I am glad to hear the birthday party was a success! The cookies look delicious. (need help eating any leftovers?)

Jake and Heidi said...

ouch! poor guy! I hope he is feeling better today! the cookie party turned out VERY cute! I think I might steal the idea of making a ton of cookies instead of having cake! I am so sick of cake!

Happy birthday MASON!

KATE said...

Well Happy Birthday Dude, I'm SO sorry about your poor little head! I hope it feels better soon!

What a great idea! I want a cookie birthday! YuM!

Buffy said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Sorry I missed it! :)

Parkin Family said...

Love the cookie for the Birthday! We may have to copy. The staples will make it a day to remember!