Monday, March 30, 2009

a definition of "Spring Break" in utah.....

once there was a snowman



once there was a snowman




in the sun he melted



in the sun he melted




we hope! the beach or BUST.... this weekend!!!

and to YOU Cold Nasty Weather, you'd better NOT follow us!

Monday, March 23, 2009

what do you dream?

i dream of bouncing basketballs and baseballs gloves and billowing blankies

i'm not sure why......

Night o' Twilight

I must admit that while reading the Twilight series many moons ago, laundry was neglected, dishes were ignored and my pillow supported my head whilst I read late into many nights.....

I am not, however, one of the crazies that would stand for hours in the rain to get an autograph or to see the movie at midnight.

But I WILL find any excuse to hang with friends and be silly. Some of us Twilighters found the DVD release to be a good excuse to hang together and be girls for an evening. Such a great group of friends. There was no husband bashing, whining, or complaining, just a bunch of women talking about a book and having some laughs.

We did have fun with our little "photo booth" that we had set up.

We also came up with some great dishes....

Marble White Ice Cream
Vegetarian Pizza
Cooked Flesh
Harry Clearwater's Fish Fry
Venison Fajitas with red "Bella" peppers
Bella punch

The movie was so much better the second time for me. Movies are always better surrounded by fans. I also enjoyed our little piano concert of the Twilight music.....

So fun! Thanks all!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a big day for our big coop

Our six yr. old rode a 2 wheeler for the first time today! I'm so thankful that the sun is out! It does amazing things for my mood and it great for the kids to get some vitamin D.....

The boys had a blast playing at the park.


signs like this have great intentions... but seriously? if you are at the playground with your kids running around crazy do you really get to.... ??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yeah!! Mason got his staples out.... We won't tell you about all the screaming.....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my birthday

today was my third birthday. i love cookies, so mom and dad threw me a cookie party. i got some really cool presents like bakugan and a army helicopter and a sword! oh man, it was so exciting...

my brothers and i had lots of fun playing with cousins. and with toys.

this is cooper's face when he plays video games.

lots of people came and had fun with us. even jill and garrett and dylan drove up. they are fun to play with. mommy, jill and aunt coral played settlers of catan (barbarian attack!)

i have staples in my head because i fell out of my brother's bunk bed yesterday. everytime they get bumped, i get kinda mad.

overall i had a great birthday.
i love cookies
rumm rumm rumm (sound of cookie monster eating lots of cookies)