Friday, February 20, 2009

it's about time

it's about the time we spend (field trips with their class)

it's about the time we share (family parties)

it's about time the sun showed herself! (sooo ready for the sun!)

it's about time Sean can wear his Teva flip flops that he LOVES!


Chris said...

That looks like a fun field trip. Did your kids get into that school you were on a waiting list for? We are so ready for spring/summer and some warmth.

Chris said...

sorry that was me, "lucy"

Emily said...

Cooper was on a waiting list for a program within our district for gifted kids. He got in and we're loving all the challenges it's bringing!

The kids have written and opera and will be performing it this week on WED and THURS if anyone is interested in coming.

Julie J. said...

I have to agree about the Sun finally coming out of hiding... I stood in her warmth for an hour on Friday and it's amazing what that vitamin D has done for my disposition.... My husband is wondering why we had such a mello weekend.

lucy said... I found the above website helpful when it comes to photo editing, etc. Let me know how that works for you. do you have an editing program? I personally use paint shop pro more than anything