Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on a day in January

we were able to tour the new temple built in Draper, UT (if anyone is interested in going click here)

it was a special day for the boys. even though it was COLD!!!!!

they had the opportunity to look into the mirrors in the sealing room and learn that our family is forever and that when mom and dad got married in a room like this they were married for "time and all eternity" not "'til death do us part."

i love to be reminded of the love that the Savior has for my children. they pick up on things that i never thought they could...

upon arriving home and getting ready for bed, Cooper turns to me and asks, "mom, why does it feel like that in the temple?"
"like what?" i asked
"soft and warm, like inside my body, like i needed to whisper and just listen" he tried to explain.
"that's the Spirit," i told him, "it whispers to our hearts the things that are true and you feel it strongly in the temple because it's Jesus' house."

isn't it so cool that the church does this so that anyone in the world can come in the doors of the temple and see it before it's dedicated?

(this was our favorite new painting that hung in the temple, the artist's use of light is masterful! LOVE it!)

(frozen family)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Afterschool Snacks....

Do your kids come home famished? I know mine do! Even though they just ate a few hours earlier. It used to bug me and I would ask them, "well, did you eat all your lunch at school?" In undertones they would reply shyly that they barely scraped the surface of their ever so-nutritious Salt Lake City school lunch. So I've resolved myself into a small after school snack.

Today's snack.

Popcorn (air popped and sprayed with Canola, with some salt)

Apple slices with dip (dip: 1 8oz cube cream cheese, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, whipped)

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate (made with Soy milk)

YUM. I must admit.... I picked too.

Today, Sean built a snowman to watch us through our front window.

He comes to the back door to ask for a nose for this snowman.... How cute is that? When I hand him a carrot and watch his face light up, like it's Christmas morning all over again my chest jumps a little. It's these small moments that creep in ever so slightly into these snowy cold days that allows warmth to seep through the cracks. And of course, mom has to run for her camera.