Monday, December 1, 2008

the turkey, the laughter, the friends, the thanks...

apologies for the delay in blogging!
My favorite holiday is that one in November....
the one that brings so much joy
the one that leads us into Christmas


lots of family
lots of friends

just fun, food and no pressure to give the perfect gift or decorate the perfect way

surrounded by chatting and laughter

surrounded by games and chaos

having fun on the farm in many many ways

being reminded as to why we love

remembering what truly makes us happy

and offering thanks for all of these many splendoured things

can i play Christmas music now?


flip flop mama said...

Hahaha, yes you can. :)

lucy said...

lol, nice post!

Parkin Family said...

Those are great Pictures! And I do believe the music is legal now! It is in our house!

RHS said...

good to see you and leigh hanging out again.

KATE said...

Yes, Christmas music is now allowed!!

GREAT PICS! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!!