Monday, October 6, 2008

conference weekend.....

what is it?
without a nap on the couch?

without a distraction room?

without some time with family?

without some jumping on nana's tramp?

without an apprectiation and rememberance of that which is important?

love it, can't wait until april! also, i've developing a fondness for Dieter F. Uchtdorf, apostle


Shannon said...

How funny! I totally love him after this weekend as well. He is Very good looking and an amazing Speaker!
My twins were born at 26 weeks, but actually they were triplets. You probably didn't know that about me! They have NOT one issue for being born so early, it's seriously amazing!!
We are so LUCKY!

Your boys are just adorable.... We just watched Ironman for the first time this weekend too.

flip flop mama said...

I am loving Pres. Uchdorf too. What an amazing speaker and he said just what I needed to hear. Great pics!

KATE said...

I was feeling the same about Uchtdorf, love him! I love listening to his voice too, fantastic!
I love conference weekend, it's my favorite!!

Cox Family said...

Conference was great, you're right! And boy, you sure take good pictures. They all are precious!