Friday, October 10, 2008

5 things tag

I was tagged by my friend Beth, who's blog is private... so here we go....

5 TV Shows I Love to watch
John and Kate plus 8
American Idol
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Little House on the Prarie reruns

5 Things that Happened yesterday (hanging head in shame... very unproductive day!)
-I slept until noon because I woke in the middle of the night barfing.... ewww
-Cooper stayed home from school too... he was complaining that he was sick too, but I probably would have made him go if I was feeling better (this was the first day he missed all year!)
-I discovered very good info for people wanting the REAL story when it comes to the election.... bad and good on both sides, just the facts, nothing tainted!
-All three of my boys wet the bed.... lots of laundry for me!
-I watched like 10 episodes of Heroes

5 of my Favorite Restaurants (i'm trying to think of places without a dollar menu!)
Spaghetti Factory
Grove Market
Rodizio Grill
Famous Daves

5 Things I Am looking forward to
Having a house with another bathroom and a yard
Not being so danged poor
Finally getting rid of all this baby weight
Taking a family trip to Disneyland

5 Things on my wish list-hmmm i could just copy and paste my last list but....
-A car that fits our family that's dependable
-A house
-I wish that my three boys will grow up with integrity and character that will make me proud
-An HD Video camera... (Garrett recommended THIS one... we definitely want)
-I would like a baby sitter and house keeper at my disposal... although if i had this, i would probably become the world's most lazy and detached mother... therefore this wish is one of those "in theory" wishes

5 People I Am tagging
oh geez, i don't know....
okay, i tag everyone who has at least 5 things on their "to do" list today.....


Parkin Family said...

Love it! Thanks for playing!

Janel said...

Thanks for all your comments on my blog--you always make me laugh :)
Hope you are feeling better!