Wednesday, September 10, 2008

zoo trip, 2008

some dear friends of our have a zoo pass. so we went with them.....
i normally don't like the zoo. i know it's a bit tree-hugger of me to feel this way, but i feel sorry for the animals as they pace in their cages, yearning to roam and hunt. but this day, although i did have a few lamentations for the animals, i felt a little thankful that we have this place for children to come and be educated about animals, reptiles, birds, etc. normally these things could only be viewed on the other side of the globe in hard to reach places, but my boys were seeing them up close and first hand. i had a new apprectiation for the zoo. let's hope it sticks!
and this zoo had the coolest carousel, i snapped a few shots of the rockin' "horses" (click on pictures for a better view)

we went to the bird show....

saw the "white" alligator (there are only 10 in the whollllle world!)

played on the playground

and rode the train

typical day at the zoo!
mason, don, cooper, sean, cheyenne

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KATE said...

How fun!

We have passes too, and love the zoo! But, I have to say that white Alligator kind of freaks me out!!