Saturday, September 6, 2008

upscaled by a fifth grader

so i subbed on thursday again....

for fifth grade

and in the class they have FRED time (Free Reading Every Day)

so i decided to read as well and break out my thin little wisp of a book, it's VERY good by the way! i'm almost finished

of course some kids start chatting, so i rise from my seat to go over and shush them

on my way back to my seat, i see Nash, totally engrossed in his book

i look down at the book, curious what could be so enthralling to a young boy

the paperback book, i kid you not, is thicker than my arm, my upper arm (for those of you who know me know that this is pretty darn thick!)

okay, now i'm really curious so i lean over to read the top of the page and he's reading "Gone With the Wind" and he's over half way through

i haven't been able to stop thinking about this, i was totally and completely embarrassed that this fifth grader is reading a classic and drinking in every word, while i sit there with my youth novel, shouldn't it be the other way around? i mean, i have a degree in literature and writing and i've never read this novel, what is my problem?

i'm thinking my recent addiction to youth novels is coming to an end, thanks to a little boy named Nash


flip flop mama said...

Wow impressive! I don't think I've even ever read GWtW!

Julie J. said...

I've never read it either, but my mom tells me to all the time. That's why it's a classic - because it sucks in all different kinds of people and all different ages.

Reno Wells said...

I have not read it either, but I have seen the movie many times.

Big Brad said...

I haven't ever read it, I've never seen the movie either. I am impressed that a 5th grader is reading a big book like that, but if MY son were wanting to read Gone With the Wind in Fifth Grade?!? I think I would probably let him but as soon as he was done we would do some seriously manly things! We would go hunting, fishing, football, nascar, we would go hang out in the power tool section of Home Depot. I might even get him a playboy. ok I probably wouldn't do that. but do you see the bigger issue here?!?!?!

C.E. Salima said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I have to admit it. I'm a voracious reader but could never work my way through anything of Margaret Mitchell's, let alone "Gone With the Wind."

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KATE said...

I actually haven't read it either! Oops. Partly because I love the movie SO much, and it's so not like the movie. I have started it a few times and couldn't get passed picturing all the characters and such the way they look in the movie. I suck!

Anyhow, what other youth novels have you been reading? tell tell!