Monday, September 1, 2008

a fall welcome

after my last post, it may seem a bit odd, but,
we awoke this morning to this....
but we weren't going to let that ruin our labor day!

we drove up big cottonwood canyon with some lunches in tow.

took some family pictures

cooper was soooo happy - i love their smiles when they're carefree and in their element

sean was cold and hard to get a picture of because he just wanted to play in the mud
someone was VERY tired! but refused to let that stop him... he hiked the whole way!

nick climbed to the top of donut falls
we came home muddy and cold, but it was worth it!


hemant said...

It is lovely to see these family photos at various beautiful locations.


Chels said...

Hey Emily,
You are such a cute mom! I need to steal all your ideas -
Cute family pics too!

CA Grandma said...

Is this your new camera at work? Nice photos. Is the bee pic yours? LOVE your blog. Thanks for keeping this grandma happy.

Reno Wells said...

That looks like lots of fun!!

Parkin Family said...

Your Pictures make me so excited for FALL!

katieel said...

Oh I can't wait for fall here in Cali! I am tired of HOT! I long for 60 degree days and the smell of woodsmoke in the air....ahhh

Oh and When we went to see was at the Curran theatre...I had so much fun with you that day....I remember Mario (did I get his name right?) meeting us memories...

katieel said...

I didn't care either way! I just remember having a great time.