Thursday, September 11, 2008


as i drove cooper to school, the lump in my throat formed and i couldn't even finish telling him the story of the planes that flew into buildings, killing thousands

tears fill my eyes this morning as the fourth graders i was subbing for rushed through the pledge of allegiance, if only they realized how important those words were!

a soberness settled on my heart as i drove down a residential street lined with flags of rememberance


it seems like some are forgetting

but i wont

because it was september 11th, 2001 that i realized how vulnerable we are

it was 7 years ago that i was having a fun time dating this cute guy named nick, and when i awoke to the shocking news of the attack on our country and stared at the smoke on my tv screen my thoughts turned only to him (i realized how much i loved that guy!)
these beautiful products of that relationship....

my thoughts returning to my Father in Heaven, for thanks, for solemn apprectiation, for recognition of His almighty hand in all things


Anonymous said...

every time I wrote the date down at work I had some of those same thoughts. Not one person said anything to me about the date. that is pretty sad. Have we really forgotten?

KATE said...

That was too sweet Emily! Thanks for writing about it!

I agree, I don't want to forget. It was awful, but I want to take whatever positive I can from it. It will always help me to remember how great I have it! (even the crappy days are pretty stinking good!)

Thanks! I love that you told Cooper all about it on the way to school. Good Job!