Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review "The Book Thief"

It was our book club book like 6 or more months ago, but i lost it mid-read and didn't find it until recently.
This was brilliantly written! I love that the entire book is narrated by Death himself offering an interesting perspective on Nazi Germany. Who would know that era better than Death himself?
The story is of a girl, Liesel, who finds herself flung around during war and conflict. She stands for the pure and innocent that are affected. She's a survivor, but also just a normal kid. This novel illustrates for the reader a deep sense of what life is like during war. Simple things, such as the same pea soup for every single meal and the freedom to speak where and when you feel are a few things that stood out to me.
I enjoy reading books that help me to take on life from a new perspective. I seem to appreciate the little things more. Having never been deprived of certain freedoms and blessings, it's a stretch for me to comprehend life during a World War. Although a work of fiction, reading "The Book Thief" will affect my outlook for a little while... at least until I begin to digest another book....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sea Ranch Chapel

i think this little treasure deserved it's own post....
along our little drive up highway 1 we came across a little chapel called the Sea Ranch Chapel

we weren't quite sure what it was as we drove pass, but our curiousity and plethora of spare time encouraged us to turn around

since at first glance i thought this place was some sort of witches hat, i was thinking this lovely spot would be a nice setting for a scene from Harry Potter... i guess you could say it was magical.

our trip to northern cali.... (sorry a little long)

we flew into oakland
and drove up highway 1
we stopped at beaches
and other places

i was mesmerized by these pink flowers that dotted the california seashore (i think these are called naked ladies?)
we ended up in garberville, CA where my friend rach tied the knotwe stayed in shelter cove, CA
and played with seals and crabs
we had fun at the wedding and ate some good eats
we danced in a square (sorry no pics... we were too busy dancing ;)

and played on the beach some more

we drove through a tree

what's a drive through the mountains without some good ole' local legend?

and back to the airport

the drive was long

the hot tub was the perfect warmth

the wedding was beautiful

the weather was welcoming

the trip was too short!

Friday, September 12, 2008

i truly must have needed some creative outlet or something.....

surrounded by chaos, dirty laundry and homework, i spent a half hour yesterday doing this....

what WAS i thinking?

that PAINT is the funnest program EVER?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


as i drove cooper to school, the lump in my throat formed and i couldn't even finish telling him the story of the planes that flew into buildings, killing thousands

tears fill my eyes this morning as the fourth graders i was subbing for rushed through the pledge of allegiance, if only they realized how important those words were!

a soberness settled on my heart as i drove down a residential street lined with flags of rememberance


it seems like some are forgetting

but i wont

because it was september 11th, 2001 that i realized how vulnerable we are

it was 7 years ago that i was having a fun time dating this cute guy named nick, and when i awoke to the shocking news of the attack on our country and stared at the smoke on my tv screen my thoughts turned only to him (i realized how much i loved that guy!)
these beautiful products of that relationship....

my thoughts returning to my Father in Heaven, for thanks, for solemn apprectiation, for recognition of His almighty hand in all things