Friday, August 15, 2008

there's a first for everything

there is the first time to give into the kid's asking for "bubblegum" flavored jelly

it's a first when you find something THIS yummy at the grocery store ... what a find!

AND there is a first day of first grade (Cooper started 1st grade today, he got into the ELP (extended learning program) program at school) i just about passed out when i read all the projects and homework he's required to do, i think this mom is going to be busy this school year

does anyone want a chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter and bubblegum jelly sandwich to eat with a first grader?


flip flop mama said...

chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter, huh? Sounds delicious!

Leigh said...

Is YOUR son wearing BLACK tennis shoes AND BLACK socks? Isn't that a double sin? Is this a "first" for you too or have you been allowing this sort of thing to go on? Never thought in a million years that Emily would allow this to happen! Ha ha

lucy said...

congrats on getting into the program.

Parkin Family said...

I think I need to make note of this sandwich recipe!
Too Cute!

Big Brad said...

I am totally with flip flop mama, that sandwich sounds gooo-ooooood!

Opfar said...

I'm so confused about how what bubblegum jam consists of??? But good for you!