Thursday, August 21, 2008

Should I keep on keepin' on?

i thought it would be a good idea to substitute teach.... after today, maybe not?
i was a little leary walking into mrs. Rose's first grade class, then again, how bad could first graders be? my Cooper is so sweet and helpful, this should be a breeze! the teacher left great notes for a lesson plan, but what the notes didn't prepare me for was....
the 19 boys and 7 girls that entered the class when the bell rang at 8:15 AM were so cute. tears welled up in my eyes as one little boy's grandma told me how his mom had just left the family and the dad was now trying to do the parenting thing alone, this is why he didn't bring his homework. i quickly shook out the lump in my throat to continue.... among the stragglers were
(names have been changed of course)
Jeff - the "i don't care and i don't wanna and i do whatever i want to" kid (i tried to make Jeff my helper, but he looked at me as if i'd just asked him to eat lima beans)
Milton - the "i need lots of love and i like to scream louder than a banshee while throwin tantrums every 20 minutes" kid (am i allowed to hug them? who cares, i did anyway, he needed it!)
Debra - the "if i don't like the way you look at me, i'll kick you in the face" kid
Pedro - the "i steal anything when people aren't looking, i even steal other kid's work and put my own name on it" kid
Ying and Kyle - the "we sit next to eachother and like to sword fight, arm wrestle and chase each other around the desk constantly" kids (i have boys, i get the need to fight and act on your boy tendancies but these guys drove me nuts, i don't think they sat in their seats for more than 5 minutes the whole day)
8:30 AM spelling test.... 5 kids coudn't even write their own names, and only 2 kids got every word correct
by 10 AM two kids had lost a tooth and were bleeding
10:30 AM recess - kids thought it would be a great idea to take their shoes off and run around in the dirt, sorry parents!
by 11 AM the office had come in twice to deal with Milton (because they could HEAR him)
1 girl lost her show n tell stuffed animal at recess
1 boy threw screaming fits because he insisted it was friday, he even tried to change the calendar to reflect this... (today is thurs) this happened everytime the fact that it was thursday was mentioned
it was a 1/2 day and the kids were supposed to eat lunch and come back to the classroom with me, but half of them, thinking it was a regular day took off out the back door of the lunchroom. i had kids allllll over the school campus!!! i tried to run around and round them all up, but it was to no avail. they looked at me as if i were a leper and ran away, out of earshot. eventually they trickled back into the class, with or without an escort... minutes before my savior, the bell, sounded it's glorious ring, ending my misery...
i seriously dont know HOW this teacher gets anything accomplished? the 7 or 8 extremely disruptive kids make it nearly impossible for the other kids to learn.
i'm totally serious when i pose the question
"Should i answer the phone at 6 AM anymore?" or "Should I let the sucker ring?"


Sher said...

So funny! I substitute taught oh a few years back but it was for the high school. A different experience I bet! Fun though...

Parkin Family said...

You are amazing.....God bless Emily!

Janel said...

I hear ya...I substitute taught in the slums of New Orleans...only elementary, and they dang near killed me...NEVER AGAIN!!!

lucy said...

thanks for the funny details. Sounds like a crazy class. I can't imagine how teachers do this. They are amazing

Tasha's Life said...

Welcome to my life!! :) It's somewhat easier, I think, when they are your own class, since you set all the rules. I can empathize with you, since my school started this last week. I have 27 rambunctious, energetic, crying, why am I always in trouble, cute, loveable, funny 1st graders, among a few other things. Good luck with the subbing! Personally, I think I'd rather teach than sub, but I'm very grateful for subs, especially good ones!!! Take care.

flip flop mama said...

Wow sounds tough!! Good luck with that! LOL