Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i felt as if i needed to redeem myself on the sub thing....

i accepted the next job, kindergarten, i know you're thinking i'm insane.... but i felt i had to give it another shot.

the kids were.... little angels! sweet as can be! so loveable! kind! helpful!

i'm not sure what the difference was.... but there WAS a difference.... and once again i choked up as we did the pledge of allegiance

also, the fifth graders i had today were so sweet (most of them). one of them gave me this card, she was so sweet... she told me about how she'd moved over 30 times... how her baby brother died of SIDS at 2 1/2 months old... she told me how she lives with her dad's girlfriend's mom... it makes me so sad for these kids who have an unstable home environment.... how lucky i am... i can come home to my beautiful boys, my loving husband and home and i feel so blessed and happy with what i have and what i am.


tjneumann said...

Hi there! I have been checking out your blog... I love it.. them... both of your blogs (how do you keep you you super-woman, you!?) That's awesome that you are subbing. How cool. It's great to see you are doing so well. Your little guys are stinkin' cute! Thanks for stopping by on my blog, too. I need to get more creative-- I have blog envy right now! :)

flip flop mama said...

I'm so glad you had a better day. Hopefully the rest will be like this one!

Reno Wells said...

Where did you go to get the information to be a substitue teacher in Utah?