Monday, August 11, 2008

The Breaking Dawn Review

i know that many people did not enjoy "breaking dawn" but i just dont get why? honestly, i think that people are resistant to things that become super popular because they don't want to be one of the masses. then again, most of the people that didn't enjoy "breaking dawn" didn't REALLY like the series to begin with.
as for me, i LOVED it! seriously my favorite of the series! i loved that Meyer took things where she did, really it was all clinched together for me and more. i'm also glad that this is the last book. it seems that Meyer left the door open for some side novels, but overall, there really was a "happily ever after."
it was a good thing that i was at Lake Powell for the week and so i didn't feel like i was neglecting the laundry, the dishes, etc to read the book.
i'm so excited for the movie to come out! has everyone seen the trailers? i'm trying NOT to expect so much, but it's hard not too!
here's a little treat.....

(if you need a good laugh, stick it out until about 2:45 min in)
what did you think???


Big Brad said...

I don't know that that was a good laugh maybe a smirk. The song wasn't that bad though. I would probably like a studio version more.

Anonymous said...

I loved the book too. Thought the ending few chapters were a little drawn out but all in all it was what we all want. . . LOVE everlasting.

Buffy said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book! It totally was everything I thought and wanted it to be! I am not clear why there are so many who are unhappy with it. I thought it was nearly perfect! I truly enjoyed it!

Julie J. said...

Ok, so I just want to clarify that I liked the books. I realize now that my review was pretty negative and give the fact that Meyer really isn't an author by trade - she just has these great ideas and puts them out there. I still stand by the stuff I said, but the more I think about it, the more I like the last book, minus the things I didn't like. Does that sound stupid, or what? It was a great ending and I loved how things resolved.