Wednesday, August 27, 2008

break out the bactine and band-aids!

i didn't think getting hurt and wounded could be contagious?

cooper fell at school and came home with a bloody lovely rose colored road rash on his knee (he reminded me many times that he didn't cry! "i'm such a big boy now mom!")

sean was playing and fell foward on his hands landing on a broken rubbermaid container slicing open his hand and screaming to make sure nevada heard

mason has made it to 10 pm without mishap... although i think when those 15+ pumpkin chocolate chip cookies pass through his intestines, he may have a wound of his own, no band-aid for that one little buddy! also, it might hurt when i take this thing off his head (hasn't been baby powdered in years, but he insists on wearing it... even though he screams when we take it off!)

do you find that wounds come in threes?


Julie J. said...

He is so cute with his little swim cap on!

flip flop mama said...


And that is one darling picture!

Reno Wells said...

Kelsey was asking "Mommy, what's that noise?" Which just so happens to be her favorite phrase right now. Feel better!