Saturday, August 30, 2008

refusing to let summer go

although we are already a month into school, the warmth still calls us outside....

although our evenings are filled with homework, the dryness of summer demands frozen custard!

although our minds are challenged everyday in the Salt Lake City School District (sense the sarcasm there?) we let it all go....



reverting to being crazy beautiful children once again....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i felt as if i needed to redeem myself on the sub thing....

i accepted the next job, kindergarten, i know you're thinking i'm insane.... but i felt i had to give it another shot.

the kids were.... little angels! sweet as can be! so loveable! kind! helpful!

i'm not sure what the difference was.... but there WAS a difference.... and once again i choked up as we did the pledge of allegiance

also, the fifth graders i had today were so sweet (most of them). one of them gave me this card, she was so sweet... she told me about how she'd moved over 30 times... how her baby brother died of SIDS at 2 1/2 months old... she told me how she lives with her dad's girlfriend's mom... it makes me so sad for these kids who have an unstable home environment.... how lucky i am... i can come home to my beautiful boys, my loving husband and home and i feel so blessed and happy with what i have and what i am.

break out the bactine and band-aids!

i didn't think getting hurt and wounded could be contagious?

cooper fell at school and came home with a bloody lovely rose colored road rash on his knee (he reminded me many times that he didn't cry! "i'm such a big boy now mom!")

sean was playing and fell foward on his hands landing on a broken rubbermaid container slicing open his hand and screaming to make sure nevada heard

mason has made it to 10 pm without mishap... although i think when those 15+ pumpkin chocolate chip cookies pass through his intestines, he may have a wound of his own, no band-aid for that one little buddy! also, it might hurt when i take this thing off his head (hasn't been baby powdered in years, but he insists on wearing it... even though he screams when we take it off!)

do you find that wounds come in threes?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lovin' on Lowes and YEAH for MAY

these workshops at Lowes are so great. today they made GMC trucks and next time they're making Pirate Ships!!!

poor little mason has been really sick with hand, foot and mouth disease, so we brought a kit home (thank you to Lowes for letting us bring one home!) for him to make with daddy. also in this picture, his first meal in 7 days... Reese's pieces eaten out of the truck bed... HEY at least he's eating SOMETHING, i couldn't be happier!

sick "may may"....

sean had a cold and got some seriously chapped lips!

mikan's favorite spot to sleep....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Should I keep on keepin' on?

i thought it would be a good idea to substitute teach.... after today, maybe not?
i was a little leary walking into mrs. Rose's first grade class, then again, how bad could first graders be? my Cooper is so sweet and helpful, this should be a breeze! the teacher left great notes for a lesson plan, but what the notes didn't prepare me for was....
the 19 boys and 7 girls that entered the class when the bell rang at 8:15 AM were so cute. tears welled up in my eyes as one little boy's grandma told me how his mom had just left the family and the dad was now trying to do the parenting thing alone, this is why he didn't bring his homework. i quickly shook out the lump in my throat to continue.... among the stragglers were
(names have been changed of course)
Jeff - the "i don't care and i don't wanna and i do whatever i want to" kid (i tried to make Jeff my helper, but he looked at me as if i'd just asked him to eat lima beans)
Milton - the "i need lots of love and i like to scream louder than a banshee while throwin tantrums every 20 minutes" kid (am i allowed to hug them? who cares, i did anyway, he needed it!)
Debra - the "if i don't like the way you look at me, i'll kick you in the face" kid
Pedro - the "i steal anything when people aren't looking, i even steal other kid's work and put my own name on it" kid
Ying and Kyle - the "we sit next to eachother and like to sword fight, arm wrestle and chase each other around the desk constantly" kids (i have boys, i get the need to fight and act on your boy tendancies but these guys drove me nuts, i don't think they sat in their seats for more than 5 minutes the whole day)
8:30 AM spelling test.... 5 kids coudn't even write their own names, and only 2 kids got every word correct
by 10 AM two kids had lost a tooth and were bleeding
10:30 AM recess - kids thought it would be a great idea to take their shoes off and run around in the dirt, sorry parents!
by 11 AM the office had come in twice to deal with Milton (because they could HEAR him)
1 girl lost her show n tell stuffed animal at recess
1 boy threw screaming fits because he insisted it was friday, he even tried to change the calendar to reflect this... (today is thurs) this happened everytime the fact that it was thursday was mentioned
it was a 1/2 day and the kids were supposed to eat lunch and come back to the classroom with me, but half of them, thinking it was a regular day took off out the back door of the lunchroom. i had kids allllll over the school campus!!! i tried to run around and round them all up, but it was to no avail. they looked at me as if i were a leper and ran away, out of earshot. eventually they trickled back into the class, with or without an escort... minutes before my savior, the bell, sounded it's glorious ring, ending my misery...
i seriously dont know HOW this teacher gets anything accomplished? the 7 or 8 extremely disruptive kids make it nearly impossible for the other kids to learn.
i'm totally serious when i pose the question
"Should i answer the phone at 6 AM anymore?" or "Should I let the sucker ring?"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm so DONE!!!!

I am SO finished with canning this summer! I don't think I could face one more empty jar!

On Saturday, some friends and I made a trip north to buy some inexpensive produce to can. We hit about 6 or so fruit and veggie stands and came home with quite a haul. We also went to Gossner Milk for shelf stable milk for our food storage and to the Pepperidge Farms plant in Logan.

Green Chilies

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Green Beans

Apricot Pineapple Pie filling

and tomatoes.... my table is full, and no room in the pantry... hmmmmmmm

Earlier this summer, I canned chili Verde and some Triple Berry Jam (Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry) with my mom YUM!

Canning is such a wonderful, exhausting world of deliciousness!

Friday, August 15, 2008

there's a first for everything

there is the first time to give into the kid's asking for "bubblegum" flavored jelly

it's a first when you find something THIS yummy at the grocery store ... what a find!

AND there is a first day of first grade (Cooper started 1st grade today, he got into the ELP (extended learning program) program at school) i just about passed out when i read all the projects and homework he's required to do, i think this mom is going to be busy this school year

does anyone want a chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter and bubblegum jelly sandwich to eat with a first grader?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

haircuts, good burgers and candy-highs

as summer comes to a close we find ourselves surrounded by many things to do....

we began our day slowly... with your basic run-of-the-mill things like potty accidents, taking kitty to the vet, DMV run, preschool drop-off and pick-up, haircuts (i cut nick's hair and while we weren't looking, mace decided to cut his too, let's just say that THAT'S why he's buzzed now), trip to the Burger Bar in Roy,UT, and an evening at "uncle Jake's" candy-themed wedding.

what a beautiful way to end the day.....

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Breaking Dawn Review

i know that many people did not enjoy "breaking dawn" but i just dont get why? honestly, i think that people are resistant to things that become super popular because they don't want to be one of the masses. then again, most of the people that didn't enjoy "breaking dawn" didn't REALLY like the series to begin with.
as for me, i LOVED it! seriously my favorite of the series! i loved that Meyer took things where she did, really it was all clinched together for me and more. i'm also glad that this is the last book. it seems that Meyer left the door open for some side novels, but overall, there really was a "happily ever after."
it was a good thing that i was at Lake Powell for the week and so i didn't feel like i was neglecting the laundry, the dishes, etc to read the book.
i'm so excited for the movie to come out! has everyone seen the trailers? i'm trying NOT to expect so much, but it's hard not too!
here's a little treat.....

(if you need a good laugh, stick it out until about 2:45 min in)
what did you think???

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lake Powell, #5

This rainy day did not stop the faithful. But it DID stop Cooper, who was a little overstimulated and exhausted and spent the whole day inside watching movies and playing with toys.