Wednesday, July 30, 2008

summer blues

This summer has been incredibly difficult for me. It felt as if I were hit with the, "holy cow I have three kids" hammer once again. Mason is in the throws (literally) of the terrible twos and very resistant to potty training or anything else for that manner. Cooper's out of school. The three boys have so much energy and want to be jumping and playing constantly. Sean who's curiosity and need to stand out don't help things much. We're still in a two bedroom apartment, and with me working it was just too much! I took a leave of absence from my job and was able to catch up on some things....

1. Quality time with my boys.... I feel that I've been so busy that I haven't been able to read or cuddle with them, or just give them that one-on-one that they so dearly need.

2. Quick trip to Colorado. We had to go out to pick up/drop off some stuff. I drove out, blinked, and came home!

3. Garage Sale!!! Which meant cleaning out EVERYTHING! AND sitting outside in this disgusting heat for 2 days. Things aren't completely back together but we're almost there! and my sunburn is healing n' peeling.

4. July 24th (Pioneer Day)-like last year I sold drinks and soda to make some money. I went in with my sis-in-law this year, so the haul wasn't quite as big, but worth it!

Next week, I'll be driving up north to hit all the fruit and veggie stands and get some more canning done.

Sean starts preschool in a week and a half. AND if Cooper gets into ELP (he's still on the wait list), he'll start on Monday, only 5 days away!

I COULD go to Lake Powell for a week, should I?

Mikan, I think, Is here to stay

It's been a few months.... and she's still here. I think maybe she's made herself a permanent member of our home.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Road Trip

i'm sorry to lump the past week all in one post... but i just don't have it in me to do a separate creative post for each event. we're all so tired from our trip. cooper played lots of Halo sean and mason played outside and mason had many accidents (will potty training ever end?) i had a great birthday, thanks to everyone who shot me a happy bday email! love to all and more to come!
a sweet tour with cousins

a sunny time of kayaking and sand building

a day of discovery with friends (yes, Mason and Sean ate a BUG!!!!)

cuddling with "unky scott"

an evening of racing and crashing under rainbows and rain (has anyone seen "train racing" take a peek at the video!! the front car has the steering and gas with no breaks, the middle car has no engine and no driver, the last car has breaks ONLY ... a recipe for craziness if i ever saw one! AND they race them in a figure 8...)
a bang of a time driving through wyoming
a windshield graveyard of smashed souls

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dune Buggies and Bowling Freaks

what a better thing to do on a saturday morning? making dune buggies!

coop and sean earned a bowling pizza party for reading/bringing scriptures to primary. good job guys!

Friday, July 11, 2008

7/11 Reunions, Recklessness and OH MY Goodness!

First of all.... some friends from my old ward in San Jo got together .... here is the "young women's" crowd....
Back Row: Tiffany W., Julie A., ME, Kati D., Kari D.
Front: Sheila N., Natasha J., Janel J., Shannon J., Sherri F., Amy N., Sarah M.

many other adults also in attendance.... the Neilsons, Whites, Moffitts, Marshalls, Jones, Algers, Carol Peterson, Kathy Morgan

also....many young children! It was so great to see everyone, what a blast we had! So MUCH fun!
we went to the little water park at Thanksgiving Point and let the boys play for a bit

they climbed on Noah's Ark, they scampered through the maze, and played in the bear cave, climbed up in the lighthouse and in the giant centipede... played to their hearts content...

it's 7/11, so we all know about free Slurpees, right???? well, our local 7 Eleven was OUT, O-U-T, out of cups (ha ha whatever, what did they have like 20?)! but we couldn't let the boys down, and we'd already walked over... so we came home with Slurpees anyway!


are you ready for more! i'm so tired just writing about this day! we went to free movies at the park where they showed "Charlottes Web." mason ran around like a little psycho kid, decided that he wanted to be in the Lee family (friends of ours who he kept going over and sitting with/annoying to death) and i eventually took him home.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

working with wood

my friend Trish told me about the Kids Workshop at HomeDepot. Okay why was this secret kept from me? The BOYS loved it!!! and best of all it was totally FREE! and they do it at ALL the HomeDepots. i think we'll be regulars after today! thanks for the tip, Trish! i'm always looking for free things to do with the boys.

Friday, July 4, 2008

chicka boom chicka boom boom

What is the fourth without a little root beer float?

What is the fourth without some fireworks?

What is the fourth without OC'ing? (Open Carry... in the State of Utah anyone can carry a weapon in plain sight. this weekend is national open carry weekend)

What is the fourth without being able to goof off and just be silly?

What is the fourth without Abe Lincoln?
I'm sooooo happy he shaved....just look at how handsome he is now!