Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Little Mikan

Mikan (mee-kahn): Japanese for Mandarin Orange

Our little friend... but will she stay with us??!?!?!?

What do you think? We took her (rescued, I say) from the farm. Her siblings eating by racoons..... You think she will become a permanent member of the Gibbon's family?


lucy said...

ahhhhhh, how can you get rid of that? I say keep it.

lucy said...

thanks for suggesting other hikes. We'll have to try them out. You think hiking with six boys is a good idea? ha, sounds like a blast. maybe we'll have to do that.

Reno Wells said...

My advice for surviving the summer - dig holes in the backyard, plant children, and dig out again the day before school starts. I try to plan the week with things to do. Last summer our week looked like this - Monday was Lake Tahoe Day. Tuesday is a clean up and aloe vera day. Wednesday we went to Bower's Pool. Thursday was a rest day. Friday was never planed so we could go away for the weekend if we wanted. It worked out ok. We also have a plastic pool the kids play in. We also watch a lot of Hanah Montana, iCarly and Dora the Explorer.