Wednesday, June 11, 2008

good or not, reasons for being a flake....

5+ reasons why i haven't blogged in so long.....

reason #1
making lunches for my crazy boys.....

a prize to anyone who can decipher what song Sean is singing.....

reason #2
a kitty to take care of ......

and play with (sorry this video is a little long and probably only for cat lovers)

I just have to add that my mom and I were watching a movie not to long ago and my mom SERIOUSLY made this comment at the end of the movie, "it was good, but it would have been so much better if there were a cat in it." Who even THINKS this way? I'll tell you! A crazy cat lover, that's who.

I had to write that down for posterity. The definition of a crazy cat woman if I ever saw one.

reason #3

climbing tree houses with the boys (at my great aunt Phyliss's)

reason #4

one word.... CANNING

reasons #5,6,7,8 and so on.....

Cooper graduated kindergarten, he's now an official first-grader! our smart little boy made it into the ELP (extended learning program) but he got wait-listed. we're keeping our fingers crossed that he makes it in.

Nick got a new job! my smart husband (i surround myself with smart people in hopes that intellegence can transfer via osmosis) he'll be starting in the fall teaching in the anatomy department at the U of U Medical school

i almost doubled my work hours

i made this killer chili last week and Mason puked it up all over the living room carpet

we could probably make one of these with all the Mountain Dew we've pounded in the past few weeks. serious caffeine addiction going on in this place.

i've spent about 5 total hours in the dentist's chair during the past 2 weeks. (thank you to grandma for babysitting!)

Nick killed 7 chickens. i cooked 2. organic is over-rated, that's all i can say on that one.

i've rediscovered the world of Pokemon as Cooper has discovered it.

i enrolled Sean in pre-school, he begins in the beginning of August

i bought a new holster for my gun.

free lunches at the park began on monday. we walk or rollerblade or bike over. fun stuff....

i think that's about all we've been up to. i suppose you can decide if they're good enough or not.... off to change a messy diaper


Big Brad said...

O M G. the cat thing your mom said CRACKED me up! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. your blogs are coming faster than mine. so you are excused in my book.

Parkin Family said...

OK - I love the song at lunch and I totally need a canning lesson!

Nobles Family said...

you're back!! i love your posts, they are always good for a laugh!! although--after reading all you are doing, i usually end up feeling like a lazy butt! slow down!!! no-really i think you are amazing :) i haven't canned for a while,but i love it and always feel very accomplished when i'm done. you should feel even better--looks like you canned for half the year!

lucy said...

hahaha, I thought you were going to say that your pregnant!

Barbara said...

Apparently my boys are cat lovers, because the two oldest were thoroughly entertained by the kitty clip. They also love to see the clips of your boys. It's funny, they've never met any of you but they love to see your pictures and watch the clips. Keep 'em coming. :)