Monday, June 16, 2008

camping with 30-yr old daddy

Camping at Millfork
we camped for nick's 30 birthday and father's day. millfork is a property owned by nick's grandparents. they also lease out the land to sheepherders. so we saw lots of sheep tracks and sheep dogs wandering around.

The puppies
the sheepherders had a few puppies that they left behind at their camp. i think they were lonely and hungry because they moved in with us for the 3 day that we were there. until the last day when the guy came to claim his puppies. they bit at the kids' heels, bit the edges of our tent while we slept, mooched food, popped the kids' inner tubes and took off with shoes and clothing several times.

Four-wheeler trip
on saturday, we did a 12 mile round trip four wheeler outing. we stopped half-way at bali swamps and ate lunch. then we rode up to the top of the mountain to a place call driveway flats where we went boulder bowling.... see video. we were blessed to see beautiful panoramic views and wildlife. GREAT TRIP!

Bali Swamps
while at bali swamps, cooper is standing under a lean-to built by the sheepherders, sean found himself in a patch of stinging nettle. we also found a fort that we built 7 years ago, it was a bit dilapidated, but still standing! all three boys took turns climbing on it... and in it....
Dutch Oven Cooking (my first time)
i made meat and potatoes, it made a LOT so we shared with our sheepherder neighbors. they were so nice! mason had lost his shoe in the river and we never found it. i told the sheepherder about it and the next day he came into our camp with the lost shoe. he said that he and his brother searched for it and found it! sooooo nice of them, mason was grateful to have his shoe back!
Family Visit
my cousin joyce along with husband, Davin and daughters, Morgan and Shayla (sp?) came to visit. they stayed for the afternoon and shot guns with us. we were so glad that they came! it was nice to have the company and it was nice to have someone give us a jump due to a dead car battery!

nick got a 12 gauge Remington 870 express shotgun for his birthday. we shot that, the AK-47, my Springfield XD, etc etc etc.... Davin also brought up some guns. they set up some targets and we had a nice "shootout"

what's a camping trip without some footshots?

Arriving Home
just look at that dirt ring in my tub! those were some dirty boys!


Jumbo Shrimp said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! What a beautiful place to camp!

Julie J. said...

That trip looks like it was so fun. Remember when we went backpacking into the middle of no where, by that lake? (ok, maybe not NO WHERE, but it felt like it to me). That was so fun, what a great memory.
I want to go camping so bad.