Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mommy tag

Tagged by Janel.....

What time do the kids get up? during the week, anytime between 6:30 and 7:30 (they go to bed at 7pm)

My favorite kids show? Curious George

Favorite chore? I'm going to change this to favorite chore to be done with! which would be shampooing the carpets because it usually means all the other things are done too! and everything looks spotless... oh, for about 10 minutes!

Favorite meal to cook? I love to cook NEW things, and what i like to cook is different from my favorite meal to eat.... I think it would have to be Okonomiyaki (traditional Japanese dish)

Favorite thing that Nick does with the kids? I love how he will take the boys camping one-on-one and build forts and shoot BB guns.... just doing guy stuff!

5 things that make me smile as a Mom:
1. When the brothers help eachother out when there is nothing in it for them but a good feeling inside.
2. When the house is clean, there are cookies, bread or pies cooling in the kitchen and I'm just cuddling with my boys in the love sac reading a book or watching Spiderman.
3. When others recognize the good things about my children.
4. When they hit milestones, like going potty for the first time, or losing a tooth...
5. Wathing them sleep.

Where do I want to take the kids someday? to Japan, to show them where Nick and I used to wander the streets, i want to bike ride all over that country with my boys.....

1 thing I said I'd never do as a Mom? i said that i wouldn't let my kids watch too much tv or lose my temper

Favorite quality about my Mom: my mom is constant, she never changes her mood or attitude, you can always depend on her to be the same supportive and most down to earth mommy ever!

Advice for Moms: forgive yourself when you mess up, and start new everyday. pick your battles with the kids. and tell them everyday how much you love them, how lucky you are to have them in your family and how special they are to you individually... do this and you'll see their little faces lite up with a unforgettable smile of innocence...



lucy said...

the japan trip sounds soooooo good right now.

Jamie J said...

What a great post!