Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mason's Corner #5

i walk around telling everyone "pay park" (play park) but i don't get to go everytime i ask. the park is my favorite place. i run... and run and run... i don't look behind me because i really don't care what's back there... i only care about where i can go!

mommy let me play in the fountain.... wow! what a thrill! maybe she only let me because i stepped in mud. hmmmm, i should step in mud more often.

cooper let me play with his ball.... wow! what a nice brother! even though he's silly and has a tooth missing, he keeps an eye on me so i don't get hurt or wander too far.

i love the park... i love my brothers... i love being 2!!


mom said...

Can you do a Cooper Corner and a Sean Corner too? Oh ya, thanks for the compliment. You're a great mommy and daughter.

Emily said...

Hey, you'll have to talk to them about that one! What makes you think that I do it?