Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mason's Corner #4

my favorite book this week.... i love to find all the dinos and balls, my two most favorite things in the whole world!

i kept my mommy up all night last night because my tummy hurt soooo bad. i just kept on screaming and screaming. i tried to tell her "a-tummy urrrt, a-tummy urrrrt." but she didn't fix it. so finally i started saying "ban-aid" while pointing to my tummy. she finally caught on and after a lot of pleading, she put a band aid on my tummy. it made me feel sooooo much better. those band aids must have magic in them!

i have the most mysterious wound on my arm. no one can figure out where this came from. i will send a prize to anyone who can figure it out.... just in case you can't see it well, it's five evenly-spaced little circles.

so i'm under the weather a little bit today. but it doesn't stop me from causing trouble! in fact, i'm going to go and see what kind of mess i can make.... until next time.....


Big Brad said...

Oscar has some eczema that looks kinda like that. is Mason allergic to annthing?

Emily said...

in case anyone is interested, I found out where the wound came from!